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Wendy’s official citation in the London Gazette Supplement of 4th March 1941 reads:-

Oscar Madeley Holden, M.D., B.Ch., D.P.H., Medical Officer of Health, Croydon.
Miss Wendy Pauline Hollyer, A.R.P. Telephonist, Croydon.
A heavy calibre bomb hit a Report Centre, completely demolishing it. There were five telephonists in the room at the time, three of whom were killed instantaneously and two ultimately rescued alive. One of the latter was trapped under tons of debris, but was able to communicate with the Rescue Party personnel. It was seen that she had been severely injured. Dr. Holden, at great personal risk, crawled under the wreckage and proceeded in the most difficult conditions imaginable, to administer morphia to her. Owing to the abnormally confined space in which he had to work, Dr. Holden was only able to come out by crawling backwards. During the time he was working, debris was continually shifting and he was in great danger of being buried under the ruins.

Miss Hollyer was in the room adjoining and this was wrecked. She received severe wounds in the neck from a large window frame and other woodwork which was “blasted” across the Message Room, but, in spite of this and while still pinned under wreckage, She managed to reach the telephone and accepted a message. She then tested the other telephones and, finding some of them in working order, cleared sufficient space to enable her to carry on. This she did throughout the evening and night until she was relieved the following morning. Miss Hollyer refused to leave her post - even to have her wounds dressed - until arrangements were made for another telephonist to take her place. Her devotion to duty in such circumstances allowed the vital Communication Service to function without interruption.